Has anyone grown

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Has anyone grown

Post by The Lazy Rosarian on 29th October 2010, 06:17

This Q, is on behalf of a customer of mine. Does anyone grow "Brigadoon" and if so could you tell me about it's habits. I believe it is sold by Swanes and Treloars. Any replies would be appreciated.
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Re: Has anyone grown

Post by Ozeboy on 29th October 2010, 09:35

David, have grown it for over 20 years. Medium to small size tidy bush, nice fragrance, very nice high centred exhibition blooms. One of two roses my wife picked when making a new HT bed for 30 roses. The other pick was
Lady Rose.

It should do well in your dry climate as it is healthy here up until mid December. Mid December humidity in Sydney turns everything mouldy, shoes turn grey, even clothes are effected with grey mould. Blackspot is then common amoungst all even the healthiest HT's.

HMF indicates it is not a breeder though you might like to give it a try


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