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Spring is almost here.

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Spring is almost here.

Post by Ozeboy on 15th August 2010, 09:18

Yesterday had a stroll along last April bud activated rootstocks and the buds are really starting to move with 50mm shoots. There are probably near 300 and it is great to see them start to come alive.

Also weeded the April budded rootstocks that were covered in clover and winter grass. The buds are starting to almost burst through the tapes. The method of allowing the budded stocks with tape on to weed and grass cover during winter is working very well. There are about 450 plants so will be very busy digging these.

Upon cutting some Multiflora the sap ran freely so it is all starting to happen here on the East Coast.

The garage floor looks like a carpet shop with wet hassian bags under and over the Multiflora cuttings which are now starting to callus and will be ready for planting next week. A little late but they will get established before the heat.

Spring is a really wonderful time despite being so busy.


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Re: Spring is almost here.

Post by Admin on 15th August 2010, 11:03

Even down here Bruce!!! I can feel me buds swellin already... The seedlings coming up everywhere is a little over-whelming actually.


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Re: Spring is almost here.

Post by Dave on 25th August 2010, 06:48

We've only had a few frosts this winter, so it's just about over. "Parade" has spot bloomed all winter, along with G. Nabonnand which is looking good on the verandah corner. Next will be Laevigata. I'll send you some photos Simon before it gets hacked back!


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Re: Spring is almost here.

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