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Reading and Writing a Rose's Pedigree.

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Reading and Writing a Rose's Pedigree.

Post by OzRose on 30th July 2010, 14:17

Hi all. I am hoping someone can set me straight on reading and writing a rose's breeding "pedigree" for want of a better term.
I am used to reading stud papers for horses etc , and they are written along the lines of :
By such and such , out of so and so . I assumed that it was the same for roses but something that I read last night [and I was reading everywhere , my head's still spinning Willy ] made me think that I have it the wrong way around . Roses have it as the female [seed parent] X male [pollen parent] yes ??

cheers. Rosalie

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Re: Reading and Writing a Rose's Pedigree.

Post by Admin on 30th July 2010, 16:45

That's it... not a lot more to it. Can get confusing when unregistered seedlings are used, however. The names can get enormous.


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Re: Reading and Writing a Rose's Pedigree.

Post by The Lazy Rosarian on 31st July 2010, 07:20

Rosalie, just have look at the pedigree of peace and it's relatives.
The Lazy Rosarian

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Re: Reading and Writing a Rose's Pedigree.

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