Noisette cuttings

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Noisette cuttings

Post by wphvet on 8th July 2010, 13:17

I may be going over old ground but advice is sought. I have struck several cuttings of the original noisette, Champneys Pink cluster, into a pot of perlite 2 mths ago.All pieces appear alive.
Question: when can I repot them into individual pots, is normal potting mix okay and any special tips re the process ?
previously I had some deaths of another group of cuttings when I repotted them,although they may have been immature I suspect.


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Re: Noisette cuttings

Post by Admin on 8th July 2010, 17:28

You need to check them to see if they have roots or even a callous. If they have roots or a well developed callous (i.e. large and nobbly) then you can pot them into a potting mix (I mix perlite through mine to make it lighter, more aerated and free draining... I tried Margaret's tip of mixing diatomaceus kitty little through it as well and that also seemed to work very well). If they don't have either you can safely leave them in the perlite again for a while longer.


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