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My rose purchases

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My rose purchases

Post by Lauriek on 19th June 2010, 19:38

Well I sent my order off to Treloar Roses. Have not used them before. I've ordered all hybrid teas or, as I was corrected by a (very mad) rose growing friend, large flowered roses. Question Anyway, I ordered Abracadabra, Makybe Diva, Sutter's Gold, Vol de Nuit, St.Patrick, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch & Full Sail. I would like to have bought Atomic Blonde but they had sold out. Apparently I 'qualify' for a free rose because my order was over a certain value. I have no idea what they'll give me. An HT but I don't know which one. I'm quite excited about this ordering. I hope to be able to go to Portland in the spring and see the Treloar Nursery. I know I'll come back with another couple of roses! By then we'll have done some work in the garden and I'll know how much room I really have.

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Re: My rose purchases

Post by Admin on 19th June 2010, 19:46

Last year Treloars gave away old garden roses with their orders. I got 'Madame Isaac Pereire'. This is not a rose I had considered buying before but I'm glad I now have it... its perfume is quite amazing!


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Re: My rose purchases

Post by ROSEFAN on 15th August 2010, 14:08

Laurie, I too ordered for the first time from Treloars this year and still waiting for the roses to arrive. My order is a bit of a mixed bag, a couple of modern and some old roses. I'm waiting to see what my 2 free roses are, hope they are ones which have a great fragrance.

I already have Madam Isasc Pereire (got it last year) and agree the perfume is wonderful. I only got two blooms from it last year, being only a bably, and kept them on my computer desk so i could enjoy their fragrance - heavenly Very Happy


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Re: My rose purchases

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