Simons DD

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Simons DD

Post by The Lazy Rosarian on 8th June 2010, 06:36

Just a quick note on your DD, good colour, love the cream in it and the blush of pink/red. thought it did not grow well for you or is it high enough to miss the cool cold ground.
The Lazy Rosarian

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Re: Simons DD

Post by Admin on 8th June 2010, 15:00

This was an experimental one (no longer exists... I culled it to start again along the same lines) to test Dee's theory that 'Double Delight' needs to be raised off the ground a bit. The one pictured on the portal page is one I budded onto a long multiflora cane on one of my multiflora plants and being the twit that I am I managed to bud something else onto the same plant that had RMV... so my stock plant developed RMV... I decided to cull the whole thing and start again with a purpose grown, clean, rootstock for it. The results tend to show one of two things... maybe it was because the parent plant I have is grafted onto Dr Phooey and it will do much better here on multiflora or it shows that when you do get it up off the ground (it was grafted onto a metre long cane) then it WILL grow better. Maybe the combination of bopth these things will allow it to be much happier. I love the flower but I hate the plant so much... it will need to perform 100000% better to stay its execution.


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