David... Mutabilis cuttings

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David... Mutabilis cuttings

Post by Admin on 10th February 2010, 20:55

Hi David,

Next time you speak to Lynette can you please pass on to her my thanks and gratitude for the 'Mutabilis' cuttings? The plant appears to be of outstanding quality as the cuttings have struck with roots coming out the bottom of the container already. The 'Constance Spry' cuttings appear to also have ALL taken... not sure what I going to do with them all but again, it appears from the cuttings and how easily thtey have taken that the quality of the parent plant is excellent... I'm very grateful for them both Thumbsup I'm pretty much gob-smacked at how quickly and easily 'Mutabilis' has struck though... faster than my little 'Kindred Ice' cuttings and I thought they struck quickly! Thanks again also for posting them down... If they keep going the way they are they will both be ready to put into service next season.


The little 'Immense' cuttings seem to have taken nicely and are sprouting new growth and making good roots too. Been a very successful venture into cuttings this time. And this time I didn't do anything fancy... just wrapped them all up in newspaper and forgot about them for a while and then stuck them in foam fruit boxes of potting mix out in the open making sure I kept the water up to them. The KISS principle has worked brilliantly Thumbsup


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Re: David... Mutabilis cuttings

Post by Guest on 16th February 2010, 14:50

Hi Simon,

I am glad the "Immensee" cuttings seem to be going well for you. If they do fail, there is plenty more available. Seems my plant needed to be cut back as it has now produced quite a few very long shoots that are nearly as thick as a hose LOL. It also flowered again (never has before).

I might have to try your way of getting cuttings to grow...I have no luck at all!


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