Bruce.. Longicuspis...

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Bruce.. Longicuspis...

Post by Admin on 6th January 2010, 23:39

Bruce, I think that plant I sent up to you as longicuspis is actually one called 'Wedding Day', which is a first generation longicuspis cross. So I was pretty close! HMF doesn't show what the pollen parent was so I'm assuming this means it was from an open pollinated hip which also means it was probably self-pollinated (because most OP hips are) and is therefore still the species Rosa longicuspis var. sinowilsonii) or pretty darn close to it. If someone has a confirmed 'Wedding Day' already and would like another one please let me know and I'll post you one to plant side-by-side so I can confirm this. How is yours going? I've just put mine in the ground again and am hoping it will take off and am planning to train it into a large shrub. I used it in many crosses this year and were unsuccessful on all counts. I'm going to try it as a seed parent next season instead.


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Re: Bruce.. Longicuspis...

Post by Ozeboy on 7th January 2010, 09:35

Hi Simon the Longicuspis is growing well and very healthy looking.
There are two long canes about 3' 6" long and some smaller growth. It is still in a 8" pot which requires constant maintainence to keep growth and health. Would very much like to plant it out but due to inexperience with this plant have done a lot of thinking but not much planting.

Will keep your experiment with it in mind so when it blooms will try it as a
seed parent. It's getting to the stage where I will have to record all these although most are recorded here on the forum for all to learn.

There is more pollination and seed germination awareness now than ever before. I for one feel I can make some worthwhile input into breeding even using my backyard genetics coupled with some of the experts papers.
Great fun waiting for first blooms and watching hips ( Rose ones) form.

Thanks for your help Simon.


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