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Variety Comparison

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Variety Comparison

Post by Billndee on 27th December 2009, 23:43

Last year I bought 8 new roses and planted them side by side. The are
China Sunrise
Brass Band
Fairest Cape
Tuscan Sun
Parkinsons Passion

They are all in the yellow/orange range of colours. I wanted to see which ones performed the best so I could propagate the best variety. Here are my observations and conclusions.
Daybreaker is a gold medal winner and is described as flowering non-stop. This has not been true for me. It grew reasonably well and bloomed moderatly last summer but so far this season it has had about three flowers arrive in late December.
Apricola [b] wants to grow sideways on one side mainly. It flowers ok except it is more strong pinkish than apricot.
[b]China Sunrise
produces a beautiful flower once or twice in the season and only one or two at that. The bush is miserable with die back and balck spot. Definitely a non-thriver.
Brass Band lives up to expectations although it got mildew last season. None this summer though. I like it enough to have budded it onto some standard height root stocks.
Gremlin is a shrub rose. It is very healthy but the bush is untidy and the flowers do not clean well. It would be ok as a background bush.
Fairest Cape is a lovely soft warm yellow. It is doing well.
Tuscan Sun was very shy with flowering last season but now it has gone mad. I love it the best of the bunch. It is later flowering, like now, but the bush is covered with a great show of orangey blooms that age to pink. I will be propagating this one for sure!
Parkinsons Passion is a nice little rose too but it is on the end of the row where the soil is poorer and dryer so it has not grown as well. But I love the bright bunches of roses on it anyway. I will move it next winter to give it a better chance.
I live at a latitude of around 42 degrees south which is cooler than most of Australia. I am also slightly elevated which makes my garden weeks later that Hobart. I think the extra coolness would have an effect on these roses' performance.
I share this with you for general interest and I am keen to know how any of these varieties have performed for you.


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Re: Variety Comparison

Post by rosemeadow on 28th December 2009, 09:57

Thankyou for your experience with these roses Billndee. Its a good idea.


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Re: Variety Comparison

Post by orchid40 on 28th December 2009, 14:23

That's interesting Dee, I have often thought of comparing the performance of my roses but got no further than thinking!
I agree about Brass Band, my Fairest Cape died soon after I bought it. I haven't got any of the others you list.


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Re: Variety Comparison

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