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Post by Ripley on 19th December 2009, 09:03

Simon, I cant see sigs and mine isnt showing either. Is it just some setting ive got turned off? I had a fairly good look in profile and seem to have the right box ticked

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Re: Signatures

Post by Admin on 19th December 2009, 09:41

I've actually turned them off for the moment... we had a spate of new members join (who you will notice are no longer on the members list) who signed up soley for the purpose of spamming us with links to irrelevant external links.. mostly in the UK but some in the U.S. as well (one such link was to an online baby supply store Rolling Eyes). So those members were removed because our terms of use actually say that active links in signatures or signoffs are not permitted. If someone has a personal rose site then they can publish the link in the links section but not plug it every post they make. When it settles down a little I'll turn the signatures back on and all your old signatures will come back. It's a shame, but because our profile is growing, so does our appeal to people who would exploit us and Dave and I are having to be ever more vigilant. So I hope you understand this is just a temporary measure. It is my practise to contact these people that continue to defy our terms of use document and if they don't comply then I deactivate them until they do, and if they still don't I remove them.

So this is a heads-up for all new members that if you have a personal website (like a blog) then you need to publish the url in the links section only and not sign off all of your posts with it or place it in your signature.


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