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Blue Roses

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Blue Roses

Post by Guest on 13th November 2009, 16:19

I'm planning on giving my grandma a blue roses for her birthday and I am aware that
Blue roses are not yet available in the market but I heard that Japan are growing
a hybrid roses(blue rose) and I think it would be expensive or let's say impossible for me to get some
of those roses.

I got a week to do this and I want to know how much blue can I get it to be?
Right now I got a small white rose growing in my garden and I want to know about how long will it
take to reach fully blue.


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Re: Blue Roses

Post by Admin on 13th November 2009, 19:51

Hi Ashley, Welcome to Rose Talk Wave

The blue rose released by Suntory (Japan and Australia) is not really any more blue than many varieties already available. It is a step towards developing blue roses, like the lovely blue tropical waterlillies in your signature, but at this stage they are probably best descibed as mauve... and there are better mauve roses out there already.

Now... are you talking about dying a white rose blue? This is nto something I've tried with roses. With the kids at school we often colour white carnations with food dye with red and blue and this works pretty well in just a few hours. We would split the stems in half and put half in a red dye and half in blue dye and the flowers would go red and blue as the dye was transported throughout the flower over a few hours (over night).


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