Karen... the roses arrived

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Karen... the roses arrived

Post by Admin on 15th September 2009, 19:28

Quicj note to let you know the 'Honorine de Brabant' and 'Gladsome' arrived today... I have them soaking in a bucket of water tonight and will plant them out tomorrow Thumbsup Thanks again... hope 'Pax' arrives soon.


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Re: Karen... the roses arrived

Post by rosemeadow on 16th September 2009, 07:36

That is wonderful Simon ! I hope that I didn't hack Honorine de Brabant down too much and she comes back just as good. Yes I have the Pax own roots you sent and I will be planting them in about a hour. I have a Kathleen from Mistydown's discounted roses and a Felicia I will be planting beside her.
I am moving the Felicia away from in front of my house. I have moved the roses outof shadiest spot in front of the house so I can plant Camelias in there with maybe a pathway leading in. Also lessen the chance of the roses getting the scale. It was eigther because they were near that first rose ( a own root David Austin )with scale on it or, and because they were in the protected shady area with other plants. Perle D' Or was covered in it, I treated it and re planted it out with my other Chinas. I will keep a eye on it and make sure the scale dies out in the sun. I certainly don't want it spreading to all my roses. It had been a very healthy lovely rose before.


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