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Pruning Sally Holmes

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Pruning Sally Holmes

Post by Billndee on 7th June 2009, 16:14

I was having a chat with Thee the other day and I told her I do not prune my Sally Holmes. I think I am suffering from amnesia because I had a look at one of my bushes in the back yard today and all its leaves have fallen off and I can see where I have pruned it last year. And I could see how much it needed pruning now too. So I have now pruned it.
It is strange but the two Sally Holmes I have along the driveway are still heavily leafed and look more like a rhododendron than a rose bush from a distance. They are both truck cuttings from the bush in the back yard.
What does Sally Holmes do in warmer climates Friends? Is it deciduous?
So Thee, don't take any notice of me, do what you think best with your bush!


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