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Harvested my first seed for the year :)

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Harvested my first seed for the year :)

Post by Admin on 24th March 2009, 23:42

Must be some kind of record too... from only TWO rugosa x miniature hips I've collected 92 seeds!!! This was for one cross (Scabrosa x Black Jade). The rugosa cross hips had between 30 and 35 seeds. One hip had 59 seeds in it! Hoping for a lot of successful germinations from these seeds. The gigantea hips I had only yielded a few seeds per hip and the minis were yielding between 1 and 8 seeds per hip, and the OP multiflora hips contain only 1 seed per hip (tedious work shelling them all as there were LOTS of hips). It's going to be an exciting spring this year! I got a single seed from 'Green Ice' x multiflora so next season I'm going to do a whole lot of 'Green Ice' crosses with multiflora and multiflora hybrids (such as 'Violette', 'Sweet Chariot', and 'Veilchenblau') as it seems to accept this kind of pollen. No other pollen stuck. Lots more yet to harvest yet... will need bigger seed trays this year I think Smile


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