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Hi guys, Gustavo Woltmann here

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Hi guys, Gustavo Woltmann here

Post by gustavowoltmann on 7th January 2017, 19:16

Hello everyone my name is Gustavo Woltmann and I am an assistant in a small publishers office. Just want to ask if there is a recommended type of rose that can be place indoor? Planning to put a rose in our living room.


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Re: Hi guys, Gustavo Woltmann here

Post by neptune on 8th January 2017, 00:07

To the best of my knowledge I do not know of one..... this would be maily due to the fact roses need six plus hours of sunlight each day....

PS: welcome to the forum and don't be afraid to ask questions....

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Re: Hi guys, Gustavo Woltmann here

Post by Alya on 28th January 2017, 01:06


The trick I do is that to use the roses that are suitable to grow in the pots and especially the ones considered as "outdoor grown florist roses", such as Wizard Eddy Mitchel/The RSL Rose Black Baccarra Singing in the rain and any other rose growing in pots: Once the rose is in its prime flowering time, and in buds, I bring the pot indoors to enjoy the flowers and the scent. It is amazing to see the flowers last so long and have beautiful quality as the flower is not being subject to the elements even it is the mid of summer. Once indoors and in its prime flowering time, somehow the rose does not seem to have the need to have constant 6 hours of sunshine BUT the absolute requirement is the room must be airy and lit with a very good daylight and not an artificial light!

My Eddy Mitchell, Wizard, Black Baccarra, Singing in the rain and other dark HTs and Floribundas are absolutely stunning when in flowers indoors. Singing in the rain is truly dark rich gold yellow and just breathtaking.

All of the small patio roses are suitable  too the Special Grandma, Cream Dream, Sexy Rexy, Pretty Polly, Mothers Day, Simply Sally, Violet Cloud, Absolutely Fabulous, Flower Power...add the Euphoria too...and...thinking about it...I have one Souve.Dr Jamein in the 30cm by 50 cm pot producing amazing flowers thus comes indoors when in flower. The good thing about the potted roses is that when they finish flowering just put them away/outside and make way for the other ones.

I suppose in the office perhaps one could make some arrangements for them...but all depend on the circumstances...


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Re: Hi guys, Gustavo Woltmann here

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