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Standout performance this summer

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Standout performance this summer

Post by silkyfizz on 11th April 2016, 23:50

It's been a little while since I've posted but I have so enjoyed my roses this season.
Despite the dry conditions we've had here in Melbourne, I have really been impressed by a few in my garden (health, number of flowers):
Ashram - just covered in blooms
Dame Elisabeth Murdoch - a sight to behold in full flush, flowers glow in the sun
Mister Lincoln - this is the year for its "leap"
Firefighter - only its 1st year, strong growth, lots of flowers
Queen Adelaide - just love this
Abraham Darby - hasn't paused for breath, just pumps the flowers out

Of course there are always those that are a bit disappointing, or maybe not as good as last year.

What have been your stars?

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Re: Standout performance this summer

Post by LouiseJB on 12th April 2016, 11:20

Three first year stars gave been Mother and Child, Coeur de Niege and Love You Rose. Good growth and rarely without a flower despite a drier than average summer. Second year best performer goes to Garden Delight. It is blackspot free with foliage all the way to the base. Only problem is that its flowers do droop. Trying pelletised sulphate of potash to reduce the problem.
Have a nice day everyone.


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