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A Bit Quiet Lately.....

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A Bit Quiet Lately.....

Post by neptune on 26th March 2014, 21:37

Its been a bit quiet on the forum lately and I was wondering what everyone was doing..........

As for me, wifey and I just got back from Bali after 2 weeks in Bali for a short break as she works very hard in the hospital.
There was a downside of going when we did. My timing to do a summer prune to get ready for the Autumn State Championships on Mother's day is out of whack by over a week.
So now I pray for warm weather about 3 weeks before Mothers Day to help force the growth for me. If not, I may need to help with force feeding to help it along a bit and it doesn't help when wifey and I are going back overseas about the 10th April for another couple of weeks. Might not be our year as follow up Champions.......

So what are our fellow rosarians doing right now.....

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Re: A Bit Quiet Lately.....

Post by dannyboy on 27th March 2014, 14:31

Gday guys it has been quiet of late to be honest havent posted for a while to just have a quick read sometimes.

Some roses still recovering from the harsh summer we had in Melbourne,but there starting to show new growth now.What do other rosarians do to get them up and going again from the harsh summer ??.Still getting a few nice flowers tho from alot of roses.I have been impressed with Chrysler Imperial and City of Newcastle this season from last years barerooted bunch.


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Re: A Bit Quiet Lately.....

Post by silkyfizz on 27th March 2014, 16:37

Yes I have noticed how everyone seems to have "left town" recently. I must say my roses have never looked better, most in full bloom. Amazing! I did give them a lot of water towards the end of summer when the ground really dried out. However I think a lot of the credit goes to what I have learnt here from many learned people, so I thank you. Stand outs at the moment are Best Friend, Queen Adelaide and Joy of Life.
Ah the rain overnight and today has been a blessing (even though I had to cut my golf today), nice gentle soaking rain, which we haven't seen for so long.

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Re: A Bit Quiet Lately.....

Post by The Estate on 27th March 2014, 20:22

My year has been so so, need lots more rain  >8@ 
The Estate

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Re: A Bit Quiet Lately.....

Post by Happy roses on 28th March 2014, 08:25

With this dry weather the roses are so so too, now we are having a real soaking with a weeks worth of rain. It's a nice change.

Dannyboy if I remember correctly I think you have Summer Fragrance, if so, how are you finding it? I am thinking of buying it...
Happy roses

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Re: A Bit Quiet Lately.....

Post by Sponsored content

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