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Wanting to start Grafting

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Re: Wanting to start Grafting

Post by Ausrose on 9th March 2014, 05:33

As I pointed out previously I have two plants of fortuniana and is starting to grow as described by Paul. Some years back I saw a plant of fortuniana growing on a fence at Ross Roses that was about 7ft tall and 15ft wide.

John I am not sure about fortuniana but with multiflora the usual practice is to throw the top of the newly graphed rose away when you remove it.


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Re: Wanting to start Grafting

Post by The Lazy Rosarian on 9th March 2014, 06:12

neptune wrote:see if you can buy some of Rudy at Swiss rose....he grows it there........also he has a grafting workshop coming up soon in March

The above is from the first page of this thread Paul, I would guess John went to the budding class at Swiss and got his 'fortuniana' there.

As fro the size of the plants I would guess the one's John saw had been cut back for new rootstocks IMO. Most of the roses that are used for rootstocks tend to get tall/leggy, that is in their nature, also that is how standard/weeper roses are achieved. As for the tops after the union has taken, yes, normally the top is just thrown out, with your fortuniana stock I would pot it up and see if it takes, in that way you will have some extra rootstock to play with.
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