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Summer prune?

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Re: Summer prune?

Post by Carole on 10th January 2013, 21:39

I pressed the garden web link and all I got was a blank white screen scratch
This year there will be no summer pruning here as we have had weeks & weeks of above 30c temps and hardly any rain in the last three months. When I cut flowers I do sort of prune the branch at the same time but that is it.
Other years, I would say normal years but what it normal. I like to summer prune in the first half of December. The plants give a fantastic show after this prune.
All in all I do go by the weather conditions.

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Re: Summer prune?

Post by Balinbear on 11th January 2013, 21:17

My theory and experience for up this way is if you prune in July you get new growth in August and September that simply gets infested with mildew (unless it rains which is a rare event for those months). If you leave it until late September/October to miss the mildew you get hit with the hot winds and the new growth gets burnt off.

Colin Campbell used to say that in Queensland you should prune in Early February and I believe he is correct. Its cooler and usually you get a bit of rain.

Our plants are usually flowering their best mid April - early June even without the February prune so if it decides to rain again I think it may be the go.

Hope it works out as we have the Brisbane and Darling Downs groups of the HRIAI coming here at the end of April.

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