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New Rose Registrations

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Re: New Rose Registrations

Post by AutumnDamask on 18th November 2012, 18:28

Ideally, yes. BUT ... honestly, are we expecting too much to expect a rose to be perfect for ALL the climatic conditions we have in Oz? scratch

Certainly, roses that have been trialled and deemed superior in certain climates should be sold as such.
We do have climatic "zones" here that the general nursery industry uses - maybe we need to push for rose cultivars to be assessed along the same lines? Might save a lot of angst in the buying public.

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Re: New Rose Registrations

Post by Ozeboy on 18th November 2012, 18:34

The only group of roses I know that will stand up to that test would be the Riethmullers and a few others you could count on all fingers.
Minus 7 up to 45 C with 95% plus humidity, wow!! that would kill me as well as most roses.

I want any roses that would look well after that test for I'm sure they would suit the Sydney climate.


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