Better Homes and Garden Rose

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Re: Better Homes and Garden Rose

Post by jordan71 on 11th October 2012, 06:16

dannyboy wrote:How's your one going Jordan ?.Slow grower but now full of buds and so is my Mother and Daughter rose which is a very strong bushy rose.Australian Red Cross is also a bit on the slow side small leaf plant.

hey danny,

i agree with you there all the three roses for me are the same , very slow growing maybe even slower then yours daniel as mine are in pots . all have buds now .. so waiting for them to open .. hopefully we will get few warm days

post the pics of yours daniel , will be nice to compare the difference


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Re: Better Homes and Garden Rose

Post by dannyboy on 12th October 2012, 04:55

Noworrys Jordan will do mate.


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