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climbers and...

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climbers and...

Post by Guest on 10th January 2009, 23:08

I don't really think of mixing roses with other plants, it is more like where do I get them all in...I also hate the sight of bare ground...LOL

I love to have climbers with other plants, either growing on other plants or other plants grwoing on them.
I have several fruit trees and each has a rose climbing in it.
I like to use HM this way.
Eva climbing on a crab that gets red fruit.

Have Pax on a peach and the cream flowers look so pretty with the peaches.
Almost every smaller tree in the garden has a rose on it.

Here are a few the other way around, other plants climbing on roses...
Climber with Chinese Lantern

Native Wonga vine on Clair Matin

The President on Celine Forestier

I also use annuals with the roses, such as Heavenly Blue Morning Glory with red climbers and Black Eyed Susan with peachy apricot and yellow climbers.


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Re: climbers and...

Post by Admin on 10th January 2009, 23:39

Climbers and roses is a pretty traditional combination too... especially clematis and climbing roses. I have Veilchenblau mixed with two clematis, all newly planted that should look good come spring next year. Also... climbing roses up trees... this is what I do to my old trees that are doing poorly. I have large old peach tree that I suspect is habrouring some kind of disease... in any case it is becoming less thrify each year. So rather than pull it down I have put a yellow banksia rose at the base of it to run up the trunk. She's only tiny so far but one day I'm hoping it will look like it is the tree rather than a rose in a tree... if that makes sense

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It's right next to a Mt Fuji flowering cherry and the two should be in flower together over the next few years. In the back paddock our neighbour has done something to two of our large gums and they have died. These trees are not huge gums at about 10-15m tall. So, when I get my R.gigantea cuttings going I'll be fencing off between the two dead gums (which are next to each other) and train the gigantea straight up between the two of them so it can run right up through both of them on either side. confused


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Re: climbers and...

Post by rosemeadow on 18th January 2009, 00:05

That should all look good Tasv !


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Re: climbers and...

Post by Guest on 18th January 2009, 11:43

I love them on the fence, covers it up and makes a nice back drop ! Esp. the garage Twisted Evil


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Re: climbers and...

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