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Anyone grow 'Titian'?

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Anyone grow 'Titian'?

Post by Admin on 5th January 2012, 02:14

Does anyone grow Frank Riethmuller's 'Titian' that can give a report on it's health and its tendency to form hips? I've been sent some pollen from a Tasmanian grown plant and the report from here is that it grows cleanly here. The parentage is not listed on HMF.


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Re: Anyone grow 'Titian'?

Post by Dave on 5th January 2012, 06:07

Hi Simon,
I've been growing it on a pillar for about 15 years. Never sprayed. Does get BS - the bottom half meter is naked here in Humidity Hell. It seems to be gradually declining in vigour from it's best years of over 2 m. Just counted about 20 hips. I have used it as a seed parent but nothing worth keeping. I love the shape of the blooms but have never raved about the colour - just me.


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Re: Anyone grow 'Titian'?

Post by RitaG on 5th January 2012, 10:00

I grew a plant of Titian in my other garden many years ago and it struggled on a westerly facing fence for many a year giving out only the odd bloom in the spring. It had a lot of die back for me and whilst the understock graft grew normally to form a large budd union, it finally gave up the ghost after 5 years (from memory).

I bought it because I saw it growing on a wall trellis at Swanes in Dural and it made a pretty picture growing at the back of the Austin beds.

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Re: Anyone grow 'Titian'?

Post by wphvet on 11th January 2012, 14:40

Our Titian grows with vigour and flowers repeatedly.
Sets hips, we are growing on 4 seedlings which appear healthy,all strong pink and many petals.These were open pollinated,we also have one seedling of a titianx reve d'or which is nice.
This year we have put the pollen to Reve d'or,,my favourite rose,and many hips have set.
We have had some takes using pollen from Madam lombard,and lili marlene over Titian,but I suspect it may be a better male parent?Time will tell.
No obvious records of it being bred,not sure why this happens.


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Re: Anyone grow 'Titian'?

Post by Ozeboy on 12th January 2012, 11:49

wphvet, I grow it but still in pots. All the Reithmuller roses are exceptionally healthy and grow very well from cuttings. As previously mentioned I am trying to get all the known survivors and hopefully others in my collection. There is a garden in the Blue Mountains that grows them beautifully. Will be interested in the results of your crosses.


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Re: Anyone grow 'Titian'?

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