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Lavender Lassie.

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Lavender Lassie.

Post by OzRose on 15th December 2011, 10:57

Well I'm putting this here on this board but I'm not really sure of how it would be classified ; modern shrub perhaps ....

Does anyone here grow Lavender Lassie ? One jumped in my trolley yesterday when I was down in Bunbury and I let it stay because I struck with just how robust and healthy the bush looked for a potted rose .
[I then had fun trying to negotiate the aisles in Bunnings to complete my shopping without it trying to leap out and bite everyone that I had to squeeze past .... bit like going shopping with my kids I suppose Rolling Eyes ]

HMF describes it as being vigorous and healthy and tolerating a bit of shade . Sounds promising , so can anything add to this or share their experiences with it under Australian conditions ?

cheers. Rosalie

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Re: Lavender Lassie.

Post by Balinbear on 15th December 2011, 14:48

We have it in our garden though it is burried in a shrub of Pacific Bells that for some reason we have kept (acually it looks good but has gotten so large).

It is in the shade and has not flowered all that much. Hybrid Musks are supposed to not mnd the shade but I am no too sure on that. The ones we have in the sun flower a lot better than the ones in the shade.

In our climate it is long and lanky like most HMs. Their flowers are usually quite nice with great perfume. I have it planted with a Nyphenburg which also sruggles to flower where it is planted. Beside that is a Bishop Darlington that we shifted last winter and it flowers ok though it may get a bit more sun.

It is only a year or so old so maybe it takes a bit of time to settle in as others I have seen are quite nice.


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Re: Lavender Lassie.

Post by Carole on 16th December 2011, 09:39

It sounds like a rose that will have to go on my list Very Happy

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Re: Lavender Lassie.

Post by RitaG on 17th December 2011, 07:53

I first saw a fine hedge of this rose on Jenny's property @ Canowindra (central NSW) many years ago. I know I have a photo of it somewhere but it was pre digital days and its now in a box somewhere with 1000s of other non digital images. From memory Jen's bush grew happily in relative shade. Jen might be able to shed more light on it herself sometime.

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Re: Lavender Lassie.

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