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A bit of fun

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A bit of fun

Post by LiliB on 9th December 2011, 16:01

I wrote this little ditty after a particularly nasty run of rain, during the spring last year. This year hasn't been much better, with hot, humid weather and nasty downpours lasting hours. The natural outcome of rain and heat is black spot, and it is alive and well here in Deniliquin. Even plants that are not usually susceptible, like Fragrant Cloud, Aoteraoa and Royal Highness have succumbed. A couple like Lantern and Osiria have been read the Riot Act, and told to clean up their act or it's curtains!!!

So, here's my little poem. Hope you like it.

The Rain Queen

‘I hope you get some rain’, she said,
I hoped so too, the lawn looked dead,
It rained and rained the whole weekend
It saved me water, what a friend!!

Then down it came like cats and dogs
The garden beds indeed were bogs
The roses shook their feet like cats
The flowers drooped like watery rats

Herr Horstmann quaked in orange fear
But Mr. Lincoln said, ’It’s clear,
An ark we’ll make, let’s plan the thing
We’ll need some timber, nails and string’

The ladies spoke with Royal Highness
Knew things were desperate, what a mess
30 mls, with more to come,
They all agreed on what’s to be done

The ark’s interior they did plan
You can’t leave cushions to a man
‘Oh Laura Ashley might be nice,
We want the look, we’ll pay the price’

Two days of sun, soft breeze, no rain
Oh what, a false alarm again!!
Then Wednesday dawned all grey and soggy
The water rose, the ground grew boggy

The ark was ready, all aboard
The roses struck a cheerful chord
‘Away we’ll go, leave grief behind
A better, drier life we’ll find’

They last were seen upon the Murray
Sailing west in such a hurry
South Oz for roses is the dream
No black spot, fungus, ahead full steam.

The farmers and their help agree
That rain’s a blessing but you see
Enough’s enough, we’re carting hay
Please rain, come back another day


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