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Post by Guest on 26th November 2011, 19:16

Flying by the seat of my pants here. No idea which topic should go in which forum.
However.... Do those who know the 'Argosy' (from Bruce) have a look at the references on Helpmefind and give any thoughts on the two colours mentioned there (sometimes in the same breath!!) of salmon flushed pink; and fuschia pink.
Wikipedia tell me that Fuchsia (colour) is used as an alias for electric magenta and I am sure that is the colour of our rose. But what's with the salmon flushed pink? (I really do have a salmon pink fuschia out there in the garden.) It seems as though my/Bruce's rose may never show any salmon and therefore may not be 'Argosy'.


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Re: Argosy

Post by The Lazy Rosarian on 26th November 2011, 22:37

Patricia, I have read the references and looked at your photos of 'Argosy', I do not see any flushes of salmon/fuschia. May I ask where yours/Bruce's was obtained from, Ruston's I assume. Was it ID as 'Argosy' or possible close. I also notice in HMF it mentions 'Lorraine Lee' is that for the shading of the fuschia/salmon, just my thoughts, David.
The Lazy Rosarian

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Re: Argosy

Post by Ozeboy on 27th November 2011, 07:32

" Argosy", from ? to Rustons, to Bruce, to Patricia.

Might be like the colours, Rose Pink, Pigeon Grey, Sky Blue, Brick Coloured,
and so the list goes on.

I have done some painting also coloured old sepia prints with oil paints which was the only way to get coloured prints back as recently as 1950.
Trying to get the colours exact was near impossible. How many times I have spent hours trying to get it right only to give up. Sometimes we have to accept the closest with the oils available.

Even todays modern Digital Cameras don't reproduce colours exactly, pix vary with different light.

I guess every year roses are misnamed and over 100 years imagine the errors. Even our interpretation of the above colours have changed so what hope do we have sorting out if roses are true to name.

Are HMF and Wikipedia descriptions correct? Only takes one mistake for all the others to follow.

I have great confidence in Patricia to do all the research but how many of these old references are correct?

We go to great deal of trouble to get it right. I propagate roses and do not employ labour as I am a Hobby Grower saving old roses.
The budwood/cuttings are aquired from old nurseries, people claiming plants to be correct, reputable modern nurseries and still mistakes are made.

Look at Humes Blush, is the true one the rounded bushy shape described in old references, Beales Book (Pix) or the wild growing climber with 4 meter canes as sold by a nursery in Australia?

I have been collecting Marguerite Parkes roses for a few years hoping them to be correct. Recently I had the originals offered to me by Mrs. Parkes direct so gladly accepted her kind offer. These will be the clones I use to propagate and distribute her roses even though the previously collected roses look correct. It's worth noteing her cuttings look larger and healthier than the collected ones. Is it the clones or her good gardening practices making the differences? That's the trouble I go to to make sure they are correct.

Back to " Argosy ". Pity Alister Clark is not here to identify it.
In the meantime it's a beautiful rose and one of my favourites well worth room in anyones garden.

You will have to excuse me if I don't answer other posts as the garden and propagation is out of control due to the rain.


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Re: Argosy

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