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Lovely weather isn't it?

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Lovely weather isn't it?

Post by Guest on 7th January 2009, 16:17

40C (104F) wind is howling, I am guessing gusts up to 70K.

Thought I saw smoke, but was just a dust storm.
The sky is now not visible, looks like dirty fog almost.

Wind took out the top of my peach tree.

Pax is trying to commit suicide,
she has thrown her wind bashed body to the ground
and is pleading to be out out of her misery.

The row HT's have prepared an excellent batch of potpourri
by the rapid hot air drying method so the colours are very intense.

I am running around like an idiot trying to get some water to the worst affected.

I am getting excellent evaporation cooling
from the wind against the sweat pouring off my body.

.....and I come around the corner and go into the Tea garden and see this....

All I can think is that Tea roses are by far the most suitable rose for the lovely weather I can get!


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Re: Lovely weather isn't it?

Post by Admin on 7th January 2009, 16:49

Nice blue penstemon too in the front... I have four that I grow among mine as well, a lovely white, a pink and white one, a cherry red one and a very dark purple. I think the tall spires set roses off very nicely. Think I am going to plant some echiums at the back of my new Tea garden for the same reason.

Hot weather here today too... low 30's and wind blowing a gail... am burnt to a crisp as I was outside hacking and pulling out a hedge of mexican orange/wax flower/abutilon/blackberry (all courtesy of the lovely non-gardener previous owners ) to make way for a new rose garden (the Tea garden actually) and got a swarm of Jack Jumpers pour out and run up my leg affraid Dee... tell everyone how bad Jack Jumpers are pale All I can say is don't come to live in Tas if you are alergic to things like bees and wasps because the Jack Jumpers will knock you for six! Rolling Eyes


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