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Visit To Barton Rose Farm

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Visit To Barton Rose Farm

Post by Guest on 18th November 2011, 21:26

Hi Everyone!

A friend of mine and I visited Bartons Rose Farm today. The lady was so lovely and knowledgeable and her roses are magnificent!

I ended up buying : Paris 2000, Henri Matisse, Blackberry Nip, Augusta Louise and Kronenbourg.

If you are ever out near Ipswich be sure to check her place out.


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Re: Visit To Barton Rose Farm

Post by Ozeboy on 19th November 2011, 16:44

Sounds good Tish, I'm looking for 'Starscent' a Mrs. Parkes rose and a lot of Reithmuller roses. When next there could you check if she has any of these and let me know.


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Re: Visit To Barton Rose Farm

Post by OzRose on 19th November 2011, 17:49

You have made some nice purchases there Tish.
I have Blackberry Nip , Kronenbourg and Augusta Louise here in my garden.

The flowers on A.L are to die for but she is a regular black spot magnet.
Normally my roses have to get by doing it tough without getting sprayed but I have her planted right along side the front path up to the house in a very prominent position so I make an exception in her case .
[you can tell how seriously I take the spraying issue when I use a Yates Rose Gun trigger pack that I bought in the supermarket on her - the other 400+ bushes have to go without lol! ]
My sister has her growing up in the court yard garden of her unit up in Perth.
It should be absolutely prime black spot conditions ; still air , only just enough sunshine and moisture retentive . She keeps her Augusta Louise looking in mint condition by using the milk spray on her regularly.

cheers. Oz

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Re: Visit To Barton Rose Farm

Post by AutumnDamask on 19th November 2011, 19:17

Nice choices, Tish! I was visiting a nursery today and eyed off Henri Matisse (which is very similar to Satchmo IMO) and Augusta Louise.... Very nice looking!
I may have to add some more to my bareroot list. Hehehe.

I'll be interested to see your pics of Paris 2000 as I am still not 100% confident the one I have listed as that really is.

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Re: Visit To Barton Rose Farm

Post by newforold on 20th November 2011, 19:18

I went visiting to Orange, NSW on Thursday for the Orange Heritage Roses group's Spring Luncheon, at the Orange Botanical Garden. Orange is a bit over 2 and a half hours away from me, so it meant taking a day's long service leave from work. It was a lovely day, and so worth the drive. I took lots of photos of species roses to help me decide what varieties to order next season. So far I have really fallen for Rosa gentiliana ...anyone know anything about it?


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Re: Visit To Barton Rose Farm

Post by Guest on 21st November 2011, 22:46

Hi Ozeboy - I won't be back for a while, you might be better to call her to see what she has? I know she has over 600, she's very lovely.

Hi Ozrose - My Blackberry Nip has its first flower, one of the loveliest I have ever seen (or smelt!). I'll keep an eye on A.L hopefully she doesn't get too much black spot for me her in QLD. I'm learning to not use my Yates gun and only use organic. They seem to like organic better which is great! If A.L. starts getting black spot I'll be sure to use the milk spray thanks Smile

Hi AutumnDamask - I'll post some photos when it flowers Smile

Hi newforold - Sounds lovely Smile I have not heard of Rosa gentiliana, but Simon may know something?


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Re: Visit To Barton Rose Farm

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