What I would like..... My wishlist.....

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What I would like..... My wishlist.....

Post by tambralyngar on 25th October 2011, 17:08

As i am only new to the art of rose growing I am not too sure which ones would suit my climate here on the Sunshine Coast but these are some of the roses I would like to find and acquire Rolling Eyes

Bella Rosa
Fragrant Cloud
Gold Bunny
Hot Chocolate
Anne Boleyn
Fragrant Plum
Las Vegas?
Don Bradman
Shot silk
Silver Lining
Moonstone ( Most Wanted Drooler )

That will do for a start, will add more later I am sure (am already addicted to growing roses can't get enough!!)

Blue river
Blue Boy
Teasing Georgia

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Re: What I would like..... My wishlist.....

Post by Carole on 25th October 2011, 23:11

Gary perhaps could help you Smile

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