Crimson Rosellas

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Crimson Rosellas

Post by wphvet on 16th September 2011, 17:26

Lovely birds to look at,we have a resident pair,but so destructive with new growth.
decimated 13 low growing bushes yesterday.
Am erecting a plastic goshawk above a bed this weekend,does anyone have any tips or secret for dealing with these birds??


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Re: Crimson Rosellas

Post by Guest on 16th September 2011, 17:49

Friends of mine have this problem, they get in and chew out the pithe. What I did was make up a hawk suspended with 40lb fishing line, attached at the head, tail and one wing to stop it rotating. try and suspend it at least 20ft above ground level , when the wind blows it will move up and down like a hawk hovering.


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