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Planting out of new seedlings

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Planting out of new seedlings

Post by Guest on 4th September 2011, 15:23

I found when planting out seedlings into the garden bed, they do best if the section where the first two leaves (cotyledon leaves) were attached, are placed at ground level or slightly below ground level. The plants become stronger and as time goes on this union joint may be well below the surface, you will find canes erupting through the soil at times. Also you get less wind rock if planted this way.

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Found this photograph showing how the canes grow out planted this way. The growth on the far right is the original seedling growth, all other growth is the result of planting out this way can do. (stick in the middle is an old rake handle thrown in for scale). This rose seedling was 9 mths old and almost 4ft high when I took this photograph.


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