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TheE's Iceberg woes

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TheE's Iceberg woes

Post by Admin on 13th December 2008, 18:17

Ok... TheE, You have a Canon 300D, the same as mine What a Face

If you use the manual settings you will be able to make better photographs of your iceberg. The easiest of the semi-manual modes is Av. Turn the top wheel around to Av and you will be able to then set the apeture (f-stop). You do this by rotating the wheel near the button. If you do this you will notice the f-stop going up or down and as you do the shutter speed will change automatically. This is much better because you can then control your depth of field. Basically the larger the f-stop the more will be in focus. Those really nice photos that have nice blurry backgrounds are taken at a low f-stop (like f2.8 etc... this is great for hiding blackspot Rolling Eyes ).

Ok... that's the first thing to do. Banish the automatic settings FOREVER!!!! It's a dSLR so you are in complete control of the image.

Next you need to change the metering. See up near the top right side of the camera's back there are two small buttons. If you press the outside one you can change it from average metering where all the little red lights are on to spot metering where just one is on. This is much better for this kind of photography because if you are trying to take a photograph of a white rose on a dark green background with average metering on it will set the exposure somewhere in between and you will get blown out whites. So if you change it to spot metering the it will set the exposure of the whole image based on what is directly in front of the selected spot. Basically, when taking a pic of a white rose you want to expose for the white rose by centering the metering point over the white rose. The background will be darker (under exposed) but your white flower will be properly exposed.

The next tip for photographing white roses is to do it in the shade. If the rose isn't in the shae then I stand in front of it to cast a shadow over it.

Which lens are you using to photograph your roses TheE? The 18-55mm lens or another? if you also have the 70-200mm lens then this can also help because using a longer lens effectively reduces the amount of light entering the lens. You just have to stand further back.


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Re: TheE's Iceberg woes

Post by Guest on 13th December 2008, 19:18

Shocked will need to bookmark this post and do a step my steps Twisted Evil thanks Tas your a gem


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Re: TheE's Iceberg woes

Post by Guest on 13th December 2008, 19:20

not sure about the lenses, will get back to you Thumbsup


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Re: TheE's Iceberg woes

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