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Roses Forever Series from the Eklunds of Denmark

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Roses Forever Series from the Eklunds of Denmark

Post by Bonita18 on 12th May 2011, 10:38

I purchased three of these Forever Roses from B unnings, Penrith NSW about three years ago and would like to purchase more. I have been told there is a Garden Centre in Tasmania called ??? Roses Forever but can't find details on line. Can anyone help me please? Also does anyone else grow these patio type roses. I have Roma, Marseille, Napoli, San Remo.


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Re: Roses Forever Series from the Eklunds of Denmark

Post by Ripley on 13th May 2011, 07:50

Hmm, Ive never heard of a garden centre in Tas called Roses Forever, sorry Bonita. Doesnt mean it doesnt exist, especially down south, but I work in a garden centre and we get to know each other (and I love roses lol so Im sure I would have stumbled across it). If it is around, it might be a small nursery rather than a GC?

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