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Baby Fabulous

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Baby Fabulous

Post by OzRose on 8th May 2011, 08:45

Early last spring I found a group of little rose seedlings coming up in the garden underneath my bush of Fabulous. When I scratched the dirt and sawdust mulch away I found that they were all hatching out of the same hip and the roots were pretty tangled up .
I took them back to my potting bench and teased them apart and put them into individual tubes . There were about a dozen seedlings from the one hip.
3 carked it pretty quickly after transplanting and then a few more over the summer for one reason or another.
I have 4 left now and they seem to be growing quite strongly in their pots.
The first flowers were cute rather than stunners [semi double] but this time around they have more petals .[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Two of the other little bushes have flowers coming out on them bud the buds were damaged by those dratted earwigs or wingless grasshoppers [pain in the butt both of them pesky critters] so I will have to be patient to get a happy snap of them. I can see enough though to keep me intrigued as there seems to be a lot more pink colouration showing.

Fabulous is one of those bushes that might be described as a blackspot magnet in the garden and will totally defoliate virtually in front of your eyes [I seldom can be bothered spraying] but in it's favour it reclothes it's self in fresh bright foliage almost as fast as it loses it . Some roses just sit there with bare stems looking manky and horrible after a BS attack but at least this one gets right back on with the busines of growing. The seedlings so far do not seem to be as susceptible to this scouge as mama .
On HMF it's listed as being a strong grower on it's own roots which is another good thing .

cheers. Rosalie

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Re: Baby Fabulous

Post by Guest on 9th May 2011, 11:44

That is a very pretty seedling you have there Rosalie. Thumbsup

I too find 'Fabulous' to be a BS-magnet & I keep wanting to toss it but I have read & seen a few times now that good things can come from it.

Maybe it just needs to be crossed with a much healthier (note I did not say disease-free!!!) rose like 'Many Happy Returns' or ' Rosenprofessor Sieber' to prove itself!


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Re: Baby Fabulous

Post by Carole on 10th May 2011, 11:07

That rose is well named it certainly looks Fabulous.

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Re: Baby Fabulous

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