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Rosa Gigantea Hybrids

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Rosa Gigantea Hybrids

Post by Guest on 24th April 2011, 07:28

I ask this question, why would you start from scratch with R Gigantea, when especially here in Australia we have truck loads of R. Gigantea F1 and F2 crosses available to us through A Clarke's work.

A few years ago I did a cross using Whiz Kid an extremely fertile rose, as I was not sure how fertile Lorraine Lee's pollen was.

This is Whiz Kid (Moulin Rouge X Fantin Latour)

The cross of Whiz Kid X Lorraine Lee


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Re: Rosa Gigantea Hybrids

Post by The Lazy Rosarian on 24th April 2011, 07:35

nice looking rose Warren, does it hold or drop petals quick.
The Lazy Rosarian

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Re: Rosa Gigantea Hybrids

Post by Admin on 24th April 2011, 08:46

The simple answer to your question is that there are so many other things to try. There are many more answers too.

I would like to see a full plant shot of your seedling too.


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Re: Rosa Gigantea Hybrids

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