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Strange powder

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Strange powder

Post by Happy roses on 17th April 2011, 11:58

On one of the roses I noticed a white powdery substance below the bud union on the stem only. It rubbed off easily enough with my fingers, I suspect something may have layed eggs. it's kind of weird, it's no where else on the plant, so I don't think it's fungus. Hmmmm
Happy roses

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Re: Strange powder

Post by Admin on 17th April 2011, 12:36

It is a fungus, unfortunately. That's classic powdery mildew. On some varieties that aren't overly affected by powdery mildew, they can show symptoms around the lower portion of the bud and down the flower stem a bit. Powdery mildew doesn't just affect the leaves. As you've found out the next most common location is the flower buds. A good soaking in the morning will help tp combat it without the need to spray anything as powdery mildew is generally only a problem when it is dry and the nights are cool with wrm days. It hates water so wetting it will effectively control it.


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Re: Strange powder

Post by Guest on 17th April 2011, 14:02

some times it can be scale which is tiny and white, try some white oil


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Re: Strange powder

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