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Best cutting rose

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Re: Best cutting rose

Post by RitaG on 27th March 2011, 09:22

Meryl wrote:Well, you're right of course, David. Fragrant is always better. But in this case, I would like to know about ANY DAs that last reasonably well, perfumed or not, and regardless of colour.

I think that longevity of any rose depends on the weather both inside and out ... most of my Austins generally last a week this time of year (under 30°) if/when I pick them but have to confess that I don't always pick to bring indoors as I love seeing them out in the garden and this gives me an excuse to spend more time out there.

My weeping standard version of The Dark Lady grew some pretty huge blooms on long canes last week, I picked these to save them breaking off as this plant doesn't have any proper support as yet. These blooms lasted 4 days and then I foolishly lit some tea lights under them on Friday night to create an effect and it singed their petals. DOH!!! I now have a couple of new buds (Bro Cadfael, Jude, TDL & Toilus) in the vase to make me feel better.

Yesterday I also picked a huge bouquet of DAs to give to the very sick lady across the road (sadly, dying of liver cancer). In the bouquet were Brother Cadfael, Chaucer, Darcey Bussell, Emanuel, Evelyn, Falstaff, Jude the Obscure, St. Cecilia, The Dark Lady and Troilus. Out of all of those, Jude is most likely to decline earliest. Will report back on how my neigbour finds they last at her place.

As mentioned before, I love Mary Magdalene, but she shatters too early me as does Lucetta, Redoutè, Windrush & from memory Sharifa Asma (even though the scent is heavenly), so I leave them on the bush. I will have to pick these in the cooler weather and see how they go. Sceptre'd Isle is coming into bloom now, from memory she has a reasonable vase life.

I also agree with David, Radio Times seems to last well and the scent is to die for. Others I have picked that last well for me are Abraham Darby, Belle Story, Crown Princess Margareta, Jubilee Celebration, Kathryn Morley, Lilian Austin, William Shakespeare 2000.

I'm looking forward to my first picking experience of Cymbeline, Leander, Lilac Rose, Munstead Wood, St Swithun, Swan & non DAs - Souvenir de la Malmaison, Lamarque and Mrs BR Cant.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Best cutting rose

Post by Dave on 28th March 2011, 06:59

Spot on as usual Rita! Temperature is critical as is picking at the right stage - as well as cutting at an angle, stripping and soaking immediately in water. Don't know if lemonade and bleach make much difference if you change the water every day.

If I need a lot of cut roses I put them in the fridge. Most will stay dormant for a few days. Of course florists do this every day/night. And as you say, under 20 deg most roses will last long enough. I do love blown roses and petals everywhere under the vase though. Sort of decadent - or messy - like me Smile


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