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Mobile Rose Bushes

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Mobile Rose Bushes

Post by Billndee on 1st December 2010, 15:06

I bit the bullet in the late winter.
I took the plunge.
I dug up a few of my well established roses and replanted them somewhere else in the garden.
Altissimo was well over 3 metres high but I pruned him back leaving only last year's new water shoots. Then a few of them fell off in the move. We replanted him deep with plenty of compost and humus. Now I am pleased to say he is very happy and making lots of new shoots.
Another bush I moved was Baron Prevost. This 5year old bush was in the way and was a miserable thing anyway with black spot and few flowers. He got the big prune too and is wthe healthiest I have ever seen him with lots of lovely flowers.
And the story is the same for Queen leizabeth, The Childrens Rose and English Rose.
So I say, don't be scared to move an established bush. Just prune it hard and feed it well.
I wonder if this is what we should do with any rose that is languishing and acting unthrifty? Hmmm... something to think about.


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Re: Mobile Rose Bushes

Post by OzRose on 1st December 2010, 16:21

I will shift mine around if they don't seem to be happy in their current spot.
The latest bush I dug up was my original seedling grown plant of
The Little Girl's Rose .
It's coming into it's 14th summer now and it has been in the ground , in a pot , back in the ground , back in a pot , in the ground and again now back in a pot not to mention being trundled around the S.W on the back of a ute during house moves .
I was hoping that it would be it's last move when I planted it out up here but it just wasn't happy it the spot I picked for it and had gone into a real decline that I feared would be terminal .
So in August it was dug up , given a bit of a root prune and top prune and potted up again in some really good potting mixture and it hasn't looked back. I posted a pic of it on the gallery thread a couple of days ago , and it has more flowers up and coming !
So yes, to any newbies who maybe hesitant about moving an established rose plant , don't be ; they are a lot tougher than you think .
Just try to avoid doing it in the height of summer.

cheers. Rosalie

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